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Worldwide, access to healthcare specialists and rising cost is a concern for everyone. Quality of healthcare is another big challenge driven by a very high ratio of patient to medical professionals. The problem gets compounded with the uneven distribution of such professionals across geographical regions.

Founded in 2010, we bring together a strong leadership team and a diverse advisory board of medical experts, with several hundred years of pooled experience in medical electronics, computer and imaging technologies, hands-on healthcare delivery and blended learning. Our purpose is to make high quality healthcare access universal and affordable through B2B e-commerce.

Supporting healthcare delivery organisations and medical professionals through the complete life cycle of patient care, our goal is to provide an ubiquitous digital platform for consultation diagnosis, treatment planning & follow up, skill enhancement for medical professionals and collaboration among the specialists and healthcare service providers. Towards this goal , our products like i2i CONNECT and Trillium™ so far have helped screen over 30,000 premature babies for ROP* preventing possible blindness, provided diagnostic data and reports on over 350,000 patients across India and remote parts of Africa, helped in training scores of gynecologists to detect fetal defects like downs syndrome in early pregnancy and much more.

i2i CONNECT, covers a wide range of remote diagnosis needs from TeleRadiology to TeleCardiology to TeleOphthalmology to TeleDentistry and more.

Trillium™, provides world's first B2B Blended Learning environment for specialist training and continuing medical education along with a robust infrastructure for consulting, counselling and collaboration. At i2i, we strive to bring medical professionals and specialists into the same room, with the help of technology.

Our mission is to Make Geography History ……for Healthcare.